Welcome to this wonderful wild world...

A TV-producer turned safari guide turned storyteller – that is Gesa’s story.

Come explore the wild places of this Earth with her

and reconnect to your own wildness within along the way…


Back to the roots...

Gesa Neitzel is all about the African Wilderness.

About elephants, lions and leopards.

And about the people who share this love for wild places with the world.

Wonderful Wild – The Blog

Make yourself a cup of fresh coffee, sit back and read about Gesas‘ journey on her blog.

Safari Sundays

Get your weekly wildlife fix and a glimpse into Gesas‘ and Franks adventures out in the African wild – Every ‚SAFARI SUNDAY‘ on YouTube.

Safaris & Adventures

Gesa Neitzel travels the African continent to research for her books and stories.  You can see the Wilderness through her eyes and have her join your own safari. Gesa is represented exclusively by safariFRANK – both in English and in German.

Book Readings & Talks

Did you know? You can book Gesa to read at your venue…


The stars above me…

… and a crackling fire.

Good conversations with good people.

Honest feelings. Simple foods.

The sound of wild birds in the distance.

And a happy thought to wake up with.

Such is my idea of happiness.


One click brings you over to the safariFRANK Website where you can enquire about safaris with Gesa!

Get her book

Gesa’s book „Frühstück mit Elefanten“  – Breakfast with Elephants – has be come a Spiegel-bestseller in Germany. If you understand the language of Sauerkraut, consider reading her book and dream of Africa with her…


In this fast moving world we live in, sometimes it can get exhausting to stay online and connected all the time. Instead of juggling all the different social media platforms every day, Gesa mainly sticks to one for her daily updates. Follow her on Instagram for some Africa-inspiration…