Welcome to this wonderful wild world...

A TV-producer turned safari guide turned storyteller – that is Gesa’s story.
Come explore the wild places of Africa with her
and reconnect to your own wildness within along the way…


Back to the roots...

For Gesa, safaris are supposed to be about something deeper than simply racing around and ticking off the larger and iconic mammals. There is a connection to the wilderness that is engrained in our ancestry and she makes it her goal to help you find it….with the help of elephants!

One woman, two books… and a whole lot of elephants. 

Gesa Neitzel is a German writer focussing on the African Wilderness, safari, and the delicate balance between all that is.

Gesa’s first book „Frühstück mit Elefanten“  – Breakfast with Elephants – has become a Spiegel-bestseller in Germany. Get your own copy here. 

Gesa’s second book talks in-depth about what the African Wilderness is teaching her everyday. It is a mindful observation of the animal kingdom and a spiritual approach to the challenges we all face today. Get the German version here. 

Wonderful Wild – The Blog

Make yourself a cup of fresh coffee, sit back and read about Gesas‘ journey on her blog.

Safari Sundays

Get your weekly wildlife fix and a glimpse into Gesas‘ and Franks adventures out in the African wild – Every ‚SAFARI SUNDAY‘ on YouTube.

Safaris & Adventures

Gesa Neitzel travels the African continent to research for her books and stories.  You can see the Wilderness through her eyes and have her join your own safari. Gesa is represented exclusively by safariFRANK – both in English and in German.

Book Readings & Talks

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