A life less ordinary...

From tv-studio to the wild!

As a professional storyteller Gesa Neitzel knows of the importance to capture an audience with words.

Her talks and readings are fresh, entertaining and the perfect mixture of rehearsed stories and spontaneous interactions.

They contain funny anecdotes, but also emotional stories that make you think.

She shares her personal insights openly and is not scared to be vulnerable. With the help of elephants, she offers a new take on what it means to be human in the 21st century.

What you can expect:

If you decide to book Gesa as a speaker, you can expect the following:


Personal consolidation before the event, so your expectations can be met

Promotion for your event  on Gesas‘ blog and social-media-channels

Professional delivery full of humor, anecdotes, inspiration and wanderlust


Let’s inspire face to face…

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